(a) The promotion and dissemination of Self-Care, as a social therapy scheme proposed by the World Health Organization and the European Union.
Self-care is the set of activities that people undertake to improve their health and quality of life in general, to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a health problem and to support their body during or recovery from a health problem. Self-care when applied responsibly allows the person to improve and maintain their level of health.

(b) Informing, educating and sensitizing the general public in relation to Self-Care.

(c) The information and training of individuals in relation to natural methods and practices applied in Self-Care.

(d) Information on the role of health scientists in the proper implementation of Self-Care and the good cooperation of both the public and self-care counselors, as a necessary condition for ensuring public health.

(e) The search for ways to promote and implement all of the above in Greece and internationally.

(f) Promoting the importance of self-care in people’s lives.

(g) by ensuring good cooperation between doctors and self-care counselors, always given that the main body for the promotion and care of health is primarily doctors.

(h) the recognition of the need for non-dogmatic cooperation by any body involved in health and prevention in order to achieve the best possible level of human health.