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Self-care is the set of activities that people undertake, to improve their
health and their quality of life in general, to prevent or reduce the
likelihood of a health problem and to support their body during or while
recovering from some health problems.

Self-care, when applied responsibly, allows people of all ages to improve
and maintain their level of health.

At “IASCU” we aim to:

Inform about the role of health scientists in the proper implementation of
Self-Care and achieve a good cooperation of both the public and self-care
counselors, as a necessary condition for ensuring public health.

In the promotion and dissemination of Self-Care, as a social therapy
scheme, proposed by the World Health Organization and the European Union.

In the prevention and treatment of the person who trusts us, always guided
by the achievement of balance in life at all levels, recognizing that the
primary role in health, has the doctor, with whom we are in full cooperation.
In order to further strengthen his defense and optimize his state of health, we use:

Advanced Homeopathy
Su Jok